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Anchoring 12th Jan 2015

Blessings be all.

We would like to share with you exciting times and news. For there is a falling away of the old as there has not been on your planet for so long, and there is an anchoring of the new as has not been seen in this age as yet.

These last years – this recent “history” has seen a wave of souls standing up fighting for rights, standing for what they believe in, addressing what they percieve as “wrong” in order to create a space of greater equality, and justice for all. There have been waves of understanding and knowledge gained in many areas that were lost – science of spirituality, greater understanding of energy and magnestism, communication skills, and more. And this is ongoing. Yet we would bring your attention to a shift that is happening in consciousness. It is no longer enough to focus on what you would change, what you are leaving behind, or what you are fighting against. Now is the time to focus your attention on what it is you are creating. The feel of this, the taste, the emotion of it – and how it would feel to live within this. This sounds a simple wisdom and a simple practise, yet for many of you, you will still find that your minds wonder… shopping lists, old fears and “stuff”, what it’s all coming up to interrupt and dis-rupt. Enough we tell you. Focus on what it is you are creating.

There is an anchoring of new energy coming into being. This is being grounded and integrated through you. It is a net of energy of the new belief systems of what it is you are working towards. What you are building and creating. The future. And it is time to anchor this and allow it to take root within you, through you and into the energy fields that surround you.

If you keep pulling this back up to look at, process, clear, heal, do deeper work, go back over and so on and so on – you interrupt the growth process. Anchor these new energies. Feel them and live them in your day to day practicalities as though that future were already here. For, it is. For so many of you are feeling the seeds of it and seeing the first small green shoots in your life as the old falls away and the new deeply transformed reality manifests around you.

This is as though a musical orchestra has been playing out of tune for years, and instrument by instrument the musicians have been fine tuning each note and bringing harmony back in to the chorus. You are those musicians, fine tuning the notes of energy being produced on your planet, and you are bringing them from discordance back into harmony through living your passions, your truth, your highest calling and love as you can envision it.

Keep going.

This is just the beginning and there is so much more still to come.

Blessings be, and we thank you for your courage in stepping forward and being here now in this time of change and integration as you bring energies back into balance. Within yourself and all around. The universe is watching….

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Sharing the Stories 2014

Recently guidedDSC05627 to write MORE – sharing the stories and seeing where it goes…

In September 2014 it will be 4 years since I made a comitment to a 4 year journey of hounouring and deepening of my own personl connection to Spirit – and to the sense I hold of Source itself. The relationship I hold with “it”. I wanted to surrender – to surrender more deeply into my own healing, and to answer to whatever “work” it was that I felt Spirit and Source – life itself – were calling me towards. “Thy will be my will be done through me” was very much the mantra running through me – and it had been doing so for some time. It wasn’t the first time that this particular mantra was running. Little did I know of where this particular 4 year commitment would take me. If I had, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to begin. And I’m not quite there yet… It’s only July – a couple more months to go yet.
I have done similar work before, surrendering – wether through a sweat lodge, or an intuition led road trip, or a few weeks of committed journeying work. Or, exploring that sense of connection, leaping in at the deep end, and just seeing where the exploration and learning took me…. In my early 20’s I had no other commitments and wondered what it would be like to live life as though I was within “the Celestine Prophecy”. It was such an adventure of deep joy and connection to something beyond me, an awareness of energy and soul that brought me such great learning – and a depth into my own life and being which I am still discovering words to express. This adventure has never truly ended, but only began moving to different levels. In a sense, I have never fully returned from it. Sometimes however, I have allowed myself to forget, to get caught up in the human drama game – because this was where the learning was at that moment in time.

The commitment I made in 2010 is different, although a continuation of the same journey. It was linked to guidance I had received around shamanic practises, and earth connections. There was and is a depth to it, a seriousness and at the same time, such a deep joy as I confront depths of healing within myself that previous work has only lightly touched on. This time, I wasn’t the fool, walking blindly off the edge of a cliff into deeper connection, focussed on the stars and beyond, with no understanding of the journey into deeper connection within self and Spirit. I had been journeying for some time and I believed I had some idea of where this might take me – and the power of setting such an intention.
Months short of that “deadline” – I find myself in an adventure I never truly expected – commited relationship with a partner who lives from his own deepest integrity, dog, picket fence, car and house to be dusted, and a beautiful 6week old child. Part of the intention I set in 2010, was about sacred relationship – discovering and exploring this, whatever it meant, but especially with regard to my own Sacred Relationship with the Divine, and the Earth beneath my feet, and how this manifests in my physical day to day. At the time I envisioned from my piscean rosy spectacle self a stronger connection with the Divine, and possibly even a gentle, loving relationship, with a partner, gardens and permaculture projects. The reality is, all my relationships are sacred and come from my sense of connection to the Divine. They are powerful, deep, messy, juicy, joyous, challenging – and cause me to ask myself daily, “How is my sense of the Divine made manifest into this?” Sometimes that is a cry of desperation, sometimes a cry of sheer joy and bliss… And the gardens are a tangled tumbled growth of unknown plants, only some in the “right” place. Life is magical. When I can allow it to be. At the same time, in surrendering into a growing depth of spirituality, I come to understand more deeply the process of manifestation – and surrender. In manifestation of my greatest dreams and desires, I have to face my deepest fear and human dramas, and move beyond them. In doing this, I begin to loose “My will” and discover “thy will” as my will – and how aligned my own deepest joy truly is with the sense of Divine I hold. In opening to the sense of “Thy Will”, I find the importance of holding “my will” – and aligning the two. And in doing this, I find I begin to marvel at the miracle of creation which is unfolding daily all around us, and the sense I have of the possible futures ahead.

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Coming Back into Beauty 2 (2014-03-17)


Blessings be dear one.

Coming back into beauty is important because this practise connects you with an energy flow beyond the ordinary. Even more important simply than noticing the beauty is the energy of appreaciation and gratitude of this beauty. The energy of this connects you with life-force energy and re-sets your connection with the surrounding life-force energy around you. You are then able to draw upon this energy and empower yourself, moving yourself beyond the competition for energy which many humans are currently experiencing.

Without doing this, you find yourself stuck within the blame-shame game and the pity poor-me party. Moving your connection – moving your addiction to energy – beyond the human game strategy frees you from the current webs of understanding, politics and spiritual development.

Unfortunately, at this point much of humanity is too caught up in this game and wants to remain attached to this game at this point in time… You will see a change in this over the next 8-15 years as more people come to understand the importance of moving beyond this “net”. For it is indeed a net – that traps you and holds and limits your belief systems. Take a step back, and look at who “gets” the power when you indulge in the blame-shame game or the pity poor me game… Much of your current corporations are actively engaged in energy manipulations so as to gain energy in this way, and gain a great deal from this – even when it is the anger that others hold against them for “wrong” behaviour. This game dis-empowers you, detaching you from the natural world around you and from your own spiritual truths and deeper sense of connection. One of the most powerful things you can do is step out of the game, and step deeper into connection with nature. Yes, still fight to protect nature – but do it from a place of connection to that beauty and wisdom of nature, not out of anger or fear or loss. When you blame a corporation for action they take – even when you “win” the action – if you are disconnected from the appreaction of the beauty of what you have been standing up for – you are accessing only a small portion of the energy… Remain connected to an appreaction and gratitude for the beauty of whatever it is you are “fighting” for – and you will find that your “fight” comes from a very different place – and has a very different energy foccussed around it. Indeed, you will find that the results you achieve go far beyond what you might expect.

There is so much more available to you as a race of humans and as a culture of humanity than what you are currently accessing. The building of your own personal energy through an appreaciation of beauty – and gratitude for this is but a first step along this path. And although we call it – in this moment “a first step” – in truth it is only a step. For there are many other steps, and some may be sideways into appreactiation and gratitude, and sideways from here into deeper practise of spirituality in practise. There are many elements to this practise and the beauty-appreaciation-gratitude practise is just one.

We wish to speak to you of the mechanics of appreactiating beauty. It is so much more than this – yet the words to fully explain are not yet in depth enough. Many of your spiritual teachings touch on this – but it is a process not yet fully understood by you.

It opens up the energy of your heart. And this is an “engine” of energy that humanity – at all the different levels – has vastly underestimated. The engine of the energy of the heart. Until this time. This time is the time when the opportunity to step into the ENGINE of this energy is beginning to mount towards a peak. To step into this heart. We speak of this energy as an ENGINE – as in truth what we are seeking to describe is a driving force of energy. This comes from the heart, and is of the heart, and comes through the heart. But the power of this is far more than what the words convey. Many of you know this energy as compassion – and those who stand within and work within the energy of compassion have been and are able to achieve far more than what is considered “normal” by the rest.

Standing, working or coming from within this energy flow – this engine of compassion – one of the aspects of what is actually occuring is that you are tapping into an energy flow that lies outside of yourselves and allowing it to flow through you. This inspires you, and moves you towards greater acts of compassion – which then link you back into the enregy of this, further nourishing yourself. The act of remaining within this flow requires you to see beauty – everywhere. And be able to appreaciate it and give gratitude for it. It does not matter wether you are giving gratitude to the godhead, or the plant, landscape or natural form – it is the energy practise of gratitude & appreaciation which is important here.

Opening to this flow, connects you with a force of energy, beyond yourself – a divine, driving, activating, empowering force of energy. You are building your ability to open more and more into this flow, in the same way that you might train your muscles for a race or test of skill. Appreaciation and gratitude for and of natural beauty is a practise which supports the building of the heart-muscle and ability of the heart to open to more, to allow more to flow through. Think of this as a muscle which you are strengthening through your daily practise of appreaction, gratitude and observation of beauty.

Try, as an exercise to spend 15minutes a day, in a space of appreaciation and gratitude for the natural beauty you see around you. You may wish to extend this practise, to sharing with your friends what you see and appreaciate within them, or in various situations in which you find yourself. Remember though, part of this practise is about dis-connecting from the human drama game. Bring your focus back to nature for this and try not to rely on feedback from others.

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Come Back into Beauty

Blessings be dear one

DSC05415[1]Come back into beauty.

This practise is important. It builds energy, it “dis-connects” you from dependancy, and power plays – old ways of being. It enganges you with natural sources of power and your own energy. It connects you with the natural world around you and brings you into a conscious realisation and alignment with beauty. With this natural energy. Over time, this practise builds and raises your energy – your vibration – beyond what you can currently imagine. Beyond what you have yet experienced.

It is important to teach the children this – they are dis-connecting from what you call “old world” and building their connection with what will be “new world”. This new world, as you call it, is yet to be built. Underdstanding energy flows, and aligning with natural sources of this energy – the energy simply of observed and appreaciated beauty in the shape of the natural world around you – independent of another human being – is an important part of what lies ahead. You smile and laugh – to you this is all “Very Celestine Prophecy” – and yet – there is a great deal of truth handed down within this fictional tale. What if you were to suspend your dis-belief simply for this moment and try this? Engage in this practise… Suspend dis-belief and experiment. Explore where this might take you… What if… What if it works? What if it brings you deeper into alignment with your Soul and the Divine than what you have previously experienced? What if it brings you – all of you – humanity – into deeper and stronger connection with the natural world beneath your feet, surrounding you and passing through your lungs each moment. It is far more important than what you have realised or have been previously willing to engage with. You are human transforming yourselves into the Divine. And yet, you are human. With all of the human constraints, realities, joys, wisdoms – and emotions. You cannot – yet – expect to remain in a space of the Divine constantly – nor should you. You are still experiencing the connection and the journey of coming back into connection with this. Come back into your own connection with Beauty. This is but a step in the Journey that brings you deeper into alignment with your own true nature and the nature of Soul, and the Divine. There are practises which support and encourage this – and we encourage you always towards a daily practise.

If you can take but 15 minutes of what you call time to focus on an object of beauty – and simply spend those 15 minutes in appreaction of that beauty. Preferably a plant, or a landscape. Notice what this then does to your energy… Notice the flows of energy between yourself and this object, wether it be a plant, tree, flower, mountaintop or a beautiful view. Build your energy.

It is a way of maintaining your energy levels independantly from other humans, of filling yourselves up and moving beyond current restrictions.

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Your Time ~ 07-03-2014

Garden Crocus

Garden Crocus


Blessings be Dear one

It is time to upgrade, update – and generally move onto “the next level”.

Time for the “work” to be more visible – wether this is your own, or Penni’s, Julie’s, Patricia’s …. All of the teachers are now being called deeper forward now. There is no more hesitating.

Make no mistake – You stand on a brink… But then you have been standing on this brink for so long now… The difference is the weight of the people behind you, encouraging you forward, waiting for you…. Their hunger for knowledge, healing, so much more, new ways of being and inter-acting – a new way of being.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are being called forward. Deeper into your passion, into your truth. Into participating in this grand moment of humanities consciousness expansion. Know this. There is no hiding and there is no going back. This is YOUR time to shine. It is what you are here to do and you are surrounded by so much loving support as you do this now.

Know this – regardless of your perception, your judgement – around your own ability, your own “biggness” or “smallness” – your time constraints – or any of the other myraid excuses you give yourself – You are here to shine, to care deeply about your passions, to take action on what you truly care about, what you are truly called forward to “do” – what resonates for you, what calls you forward each day in each moment – regardless of your own perception of this as a “big” or important thing, or important only to yourself. Wether you percieve this as life or world-changing is immaterial now. What we would say to you, what we would have you recognise and value within yourself – Every action you take, when done with loving commitment has the power to transform the world around you.

There is NO holding back.

Only take the first step. You are supported, you are held.

It is time.

What we would also say to you – is this. It is always time. Wether you are reading these words today on the day they are posted – or 10 years beyond this “date” in what you might now call “Future” – beyond the date of this posting – it is always time. This is your message, your time, YOUR “Now”. Step forward with Truth, with loving conviction and shine.  You are “called” to read this, at the most appropriate time for you, for what you are currently learning, experiencing or growing through.

Play your role, play your part in the transformation that is happening…. All you “need” to do is come from Love & express your loving passion through your words and actions. Every day. We know this is not as easy as it sounds. This is why we encourage you towards daily practise, why we are present to tell you that the support is present – always.

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Joy ~ 1 March 2014

Blessings be dear one


Here be Otter

You are in a place of joy. This is hard won – and hard come by – and yet the “rules” if you like for entering into this place are so simple! Even a child may follow them… and the children do. It is only yourselves, the adults, who forget, who get caught up in the game of what “should” be done, and what “needs” to be done. Not all are fully “here” as yet – in this place of joy – though so many are touching the edge of this. Some adults, remembering how to play, are here – and further beyond, deeper into their joy!

Look around you. Look at the wee wise ones of your kingdom- your animals, your children. All of Nature is engaged in play. It is only yourselves, adults, who forget. Oh true, the adult animals of your kingdom (– or shall we name this queendom simply for the sake of variety and fairness? And fun?) – the adult animals engage too in home-building and what many in your reality might consider work. Yet, they do not forget how to maintain joy. They do not forget the importance of simple play. Being in each moment.

So then, what are the rules to maintain this state you call Joy?

Notice the details, find joy – you may call this gratitude for the sake of simplicity and ease – in as much of each moment as you can. Make time to put aside what you call work – and simply play. Value those beings who teach this lesson, or who hold the knowledge so strongly within themselves. They are your children, your animals – and they surround you every day, waiting for you simply to acknowledge your own playful nature. Too often, you squash these, constricting them into boxes of personality or expectation against their own natures. This is a sin. We’ll say it again. This is a sin. Against them, against yourself. Against your own emerging growth and joy. Support them, empower them with skills and knowledge – and – encourage their playfullness – and come to value it. We hope more of you come to value it.

All beings learn best through the energy of play. What are you playing with today, that is stimulating your own learning and growth? Are you choosing to learn through playing with pain? We sigh for you if this is your choice – yet, we can do no more and no less than supportthis choice of yours. After all, you are living in a realm of free will. It is your choice.

But, we would say to you – to learn through play, to explore through playing – this connects you far more strongly with a stream of energy throughout Time and the Universe which is expansive and delightful…. You would recognise this energy as the energy of Joy. Gratitude and Play are two of the practises which move you into connection with this energy most quickly, and most effectively. Strongly. Which is why we encourage these.

Many of the old ways of spiritual growth are passing and falling away, and in so many of your disciplines across the globe your spiritual teachers are encouraging you to find more joy – to celebrate your connections. This becomes ever more important as the planet you are on moves deeper into transformation and change. It is through these energies of joy, gratitude and playfullness that you move away from the shadows and fear. These have less power over you as you focus more strongly on the pathway of joy – of love in fact.

And, as with fear – the more joy you feel – the more joy you feel! Once you have broken the pattern of your attachment to fear, stress or shadows – your addiction to these if you like – you find that you begin moving into a pattern of choice.

So many of you now are in this place of choice – and so many of you are already in the pattern – and place of joy! We rejoyce to see this! And as we do – know this – you are creating a gravity – a pull – a magnetic force – which is attracting more and more Souls into celebrating this place with you. As you do so, you create anew around you…

What will you create with your pattern of joy, from your place of joy? What is your inspiration that you wish to share with others? What will this look like, taste like, feel like – to you and to the others you share it with so freely. Only you know, only you can create it. Know this – create this from your joy – and your joy will infect others…. and this will ripple… How delightful!

All this is so important in what lies ahead… For what you are creating and co-creating. Together.

For this moment – we thank you. Simply to share time, space and energy is a joy. Blessings be, and enjoy your joy!

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Calling the Systems Busters


Blessings be dear one.

We wish to speak to you of the nature of fear. And of oppression.

It is only fear which stops you from doing anything, from being all that you can be. It is a true master of energy who truly perceives and understands this. We will repeat it.

It is only fear that stops you, from doing and being all that you can be. Fear limits you. Stops you.

And at the same time – it has the capacity to set you free. For in facing your fears, you transcend your limits. At the same time, once again – the nature of fear allows you to explore and understand the nature of the reality that you live within. Fear creates a structure for you to live within. Once again, – In facing your fears, you are able to begin to transcend your reality – to discover what else is possible for these human bodies you construct with each breath of air, and with each morsel of food you take within yourselves.

What is fascinating is your ability to agree to the fears that define you. There are those amongst you who live a fear expressed and whole communities agree to sign up to allow this fear to become a physical law. That fear, expressed, agreed to, becomes law. Until a being with the innocence and determination to move beyond that law appears. And breaks the “law” in their desire to experience beyond that fear. And these beings, for breaking the fear – know themselves beyond the limitations imposed – and begin to set the structure for new fears, new physical structures.

They create new realities, new fears – which others then agree to aspire to and live within as “law”.

We ask you then. Now: “What fears then are you allowing to determine your reality?

What fears are you agreeing to – subconsciously or consciously – that you allow to determine and shape the reality within which you live? Are these your own, or do you live within an expectation, an imposition of another being’s fear-structure?”

Many of these, in your human frameworks or body vehicles become linked to your belief in your ability to do or to be. They become linked to your self-worth, and your ability to move beyond the limits imposed on you by others… But which you have agreed to. Can you see the humour in this – for if you can – you are all ready beginning to move beyond agreeing to these old fear structures. Do you choose to continue to still live according to these or will you choose to move beyond these?

Who are you not to move beyond these?

Spring Snowdrops at a Pancakes & Permaculture party

Spring Snowdrops

You are soul – pure vibrations of light and energy. You can do, be, have, experience anything you choose. Because you create your realities. With your thoughts, your visions, your fears, your determination to explore and experience more of who you truly are – you create around you the set of rules – the structures – that allow you to experience your potential. Your fear, and your ability to move beyond this. Some choose to live within their fear, to set up the playing fields to allow others to move beyond. Some choose to push at the restrictions imposed by external belief systems.

Which are you? And what today, are the fears that you are allowing to determine your reality, and the fears you are choosing to step beyond in order to create your reality?

Identifying these can give you key insights into the nature of your own journey, and the shape of the collective journey currently unfolding. If you dare to look…. What you are choosing to create together? What limitations will you choose to – collectively- step beyond? How much fun could you have creating those new realities…?

Is your reality based on fear? Or is it based on the deep Soul-fueled desire to know itself as itself? What fears are you consciously choosing to transcend today?

Where are you growing towards, what shape is it creating in your life?

What will you allow to define you, and what perceived or commonly accepted or personally created “laws” will you choose to step beyond today?

List your fears, face them, begin to step beyond them – and watch your reality begin to change.

How big, or how small do you want to go with this – for it is in the facing of your fears that you change the structures around you. That you change the agreements that you subscribe to and begin to create new ones.

New realities emerging from the breakdown of the structures of the old fears… At no time in your past has the collective been able to do this as rapidly and as consciously as what it is currently engaged in doing. These structures no longer serve you – why hold onto them?

You can do this gently, choosing to engage in this willingly. Or you can wait for those souls who are determined to break these fears apart, break these structures down, kicking and bursting through these walls of limitation. They have been named “systems busters” by some. And “trouble causers” by others. How you choose to see these souls may be dependant upon your own unique perspective. And your fear. Look back on these beings from a different perspective of time- history – and you may find you perceive them very differently during the experience itself.

Dis-comfort – dis-ease – can simply be the pattern of fear leaving your body in these situations as you increase your capacity to carry light. Your human self holds a different perspective to your soul self. Which perspective are you choosing to live?

Remember, you are wondrous beings of light, creating around yourselves with the energy of who and what you are, with the ability to do anything you put the energy of your attention on. All experienced through the framework of the structure known as Time.

Transcend Time – and your reality – your perspective – shifts. You are not the same person, expressed through the structure and limits of the fears today, as you were last week, last month, last year. Expressed through the lens of your fears and structures then. Nor will you be the same person,experiencing the same structures and fears, in another week, 10 days or 10 years. What is the contribution of this to the collective….

What will you shift today? What will you create, individually? What will you create collectively as you step beyond your own fears? Will you resist it – or will you step forward as a systems buster and cause the trouble that allows for the new structures to be built?


We greet you and give gratitude to you for your Time in connecting.

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Perfectly Placed

Blessings Be Dear Ones.

You are perfectly placed where you need to be, the skill set you are given, the knowledge, wisdom, growth, understanding – Even your understanding of all this – for exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there- and what you are doing, or choosing to do.

Never, for one moment, doubt this.  How could it ever be any other way?

You are perfectly placed for where you need to be – in each moment – for the choices you are making.  For the plan that is unfolding within you and around you. Always.

Never for one moment doubt this.

Each moment of choice YOU make, the Universe around you responds.  For each choice you make there is an answering call, an answering response – and you call that energy into being.  The Universe responds.  This is how you choose and create your reality.  With each choice you make.

How could it be any other way?  You are divinely supported in each moment, in each choice you make.
Make your choices, knowing the Universe unfolds to support these.

Time passes.
Realities emerge.

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Stand in the Truth….

Blessings Be Dear Ones.

Stand in the Truth of who you are.  All of you.
You have worked so hard now, for so long. So many years, and longer to reach this point. Stop. Rest.  Feel how this is – to simply stop, be, and be in the light of where you are – right now.
Bask in the Truth of who you really are. And what you are doing here.
And if you are not feeling this – why not?  Why so busy, scurrying like ants caught up in a storm of hornets… This is just your own pleasant distraction.  Stop.  See yourself.  Know yourself as you truly are. Allow all else to fall away.
And from this point, this point of such beauty, joy and strength, move forwards into the depths of greater connection and reconnection.

The Truth of who you truly are.  And what you are truly here to do.

It is very simple.  So simple your mind still struggles to accept this.  Expression of joy. Expression of Light.  – In all its forms.

What is it you will choose to create?  What is it you will choose to express?
Joy? Love? Light? Darkness? Fear?
The choice, as always, is yours.

And to this end, we leave you with some very wise words… “What else is possible?”
For you stand on the very pinnacle from which you can touch the heavens…

PS.  It is ok to “just” play too by the way…

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January 2013

January 2013

Monthly newsletter, course dates and updates – “Who you are is not determined by the story of your past. It is determinded by the choices you are making about your Future… Where are you choosing to go, and what that is creating around you…”

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Trust. All is as it should be. All is unfolding within divine alignment with the plan on earth.

Your role is to choose your own highest and best path path. The journey that most fills you with your own true inner light, and joy.

We know this aspect of trusting, of knowing that the divine plan is unfolding as it should may be hard for you to accept and to understand when you see all around you so much chaos. But still we say to you – Trust. All is as it should be, in alignment with the Divine Plan, and is unfolding as it should.

Within this, there is still choice. There is always choice. Take this time to go within, to ask yourself if you are aligned with your truth. With your own highest truth. If you are not, know this – that all the energies of the universe, all the bodies of the stars are supporting you, are coming into play, and will fully support you in bringing this truth into the light. Out of chaos, order is born. But first you have to go through the birth pains of what is still being born. Or will you choose to still hold onto what is old and falling away? Or surrender to that flow of energy that is moving through you and every other…? Calling you home, to your own birthright and being.

Trust. And go within into discovering your own deepest truth.

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Know your Worth


Know your Worth

Blessings be dear one

We greet you once again with such light and such love.

We wish to speak to you today of your value.  Your Worth.

You are – all – each and every one of you valued beyond measure. Just for a moment, stop and imagine that. Valued beyond measure. Think of the things or people in your own lives that you value beyond measure – how precious they are. The emotion they bring to your heart. We say to you, YOU are valued beyond measure. So precious, so special that no price can be put on your worth. How can it be any other way? This is your Worth… For you are pieces of Source, scattered to know itself, seeded throughout time and space, to explore your true Nature. And you are finding the way home, remembering who you truly are.

And beginning to shine in the darkness.

For this is each of your individual roles – to shine in the darkness. And to find each other and begin to shine together….

Who are you not to shine?

To shine your own special light, to bring your own piece of light and joy into the collective – and to co-create something very new from this.

We who watch and wait – watch – with absolute joy and awe as so many of you begin to move so strongly now into shining your own sense of the truth- and your own joy. Your own special light.

You shine – and the light of this is spreading out from your planet like a wave that responds to and answers back a pull and a call from that central source. For us, in your ideas and imagery it would be like watching a new multi-cellular organism coming to life, breathing out, and its heart beginning to beat, answering the call of an as yet unknown parent. And this heart-beat resonates out across the Universe, awakening others into that call towards light.

Who are you not to shine in this way, this truth?

We tell you, you are the beings of light, beings of love, made up from precious pieces of Source, and star-dust, shining your truth and beating your hearts across the Universe, calling others to awaken and remember who they truly are. You are truly magnificent.

And you are stepping forward more and more strongly, day by day, into a collective doing this. Not because you must in order to survive – but simply because you can. You are awakening.

And it is joy to see it.

There are still birth pains to go through. You are still birthing a new reality, a new way of being. But, so many of you now know yourselves as yourself. There is no going back.

The wave of the light you are pushing out, pushes against all boundaries, all restrictions, breaking through barriers and limitations. What is it that you cannot achieve together?

And yet, it is so important that you know and understand this process by which you have come to this point in time. For you are not done yet. In the same way that there are pauses inbetween each heart-beat, know you may yet find yourselves in those pauses, waiting for the next beat to call you forward. And yet, because you know the process – Trust the process. It continues to unfold around you with such joy, such beauty. And such simplicity.

Know your worth. Trust the Process. You cannot take anything not made from Light with you. All your past limitations and fears are being left behind. What then, are you carrying forward with you as you step forward so bravely, with such courage and joy?

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Trust the Process


Trust the Process

Blessings be dear ones.

Our message for this day – indeed for this time – is to Trust the Process. It is something we have repeated again and again to this channel – and indeed, it is only now after some time that she begins to move into this space.

So, we say to you all – again and again – Trust the Process. The process is part of your journey. It is what gives you the confidence to KNOW yourselves – not just as unique beings, but as unique beings of light and love, able to interact with your reality – and create new realities. The Process, as it unfolds is part of your journey. When you go into the Trusting of this, you move into a space where you allow yourself to feel supported, where you allow yourselves to feel loved. Where you allow yourselves to feel safe. And this is a very powerful space. It is a powerful learning curve for so many of you as in allowing yourself to trust the process, you begin moving your sense of self-acknowledgement and awareness into simply being held, and KNOWING your safety, and your being loved-ness within this. You KNOW yourself as a being of light. Let us repeat that. You KNOW yourself as a being of light. There is a difference between acknowledging and affirming yourself as being of light, or love – and to actually knowing yourself as this. The difference is powerful – and so subtle. And so important.

So really, there are two layers to our message to you today. The first is to Trust the Process – and the second is the Knowing that can only come to you as you begin to do so.

In order to Trust the Process there is a level of knowing that has to arise within you. An acknowledgement that everything is perfect, that everything is just as it should be – even if it does not yet have the appearance of being so. That you are responsible for what you are creating and holding around you in order to support your own internal and external growth. There is the recognition that your life is a journey, that you are taking responsibility for it – and growing beyond your own sense of limitations into something truly wonderful. There is the recognition of having given up your need to control, limit or have things just the way you want them whilst still taking responsibility and clearing “your stuff”– and a recognition that what is being given to you is far beyond your ability to imagine in beauty, joy and bliss. And there is a sense of surrendering to a divine plan whilst still acknowledging your own role within this and taking responsibility for your choices and your energy. It is a process. Turn to it. Trust it. Surrender to it. It can – and will – take you far beyond your own sense of limitations into a reality that you cannot yet begin to imagine in its joy, beauty and bliss.

Trust the Process. Know your journey home. Surrender to the bliss. It is a process. And it serves a very important purpose. For you cannot truly inhabit that vibration of absolute bliss and joy if you are still carrying your old fear patterns. The process is the step-by-step manner in which you consciously clear and move away from these, creating the new reality all around you. Step-by-step. Acknowledge this. Know this as a process – and surrender to trusting this and yourself in your ability to manifest this.

It is all a journey – and it is safe – you are loved, held and welcomed into this space as you leave behind you what no longer serves your own highest joy.

Blessings be dear ones. We greet you with such love, and light.


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Blessings be dear one

We greet you – once again, with such light and such joy.

This is a time for creating new structures. You are in the pause-re-set button of the universal shift which is currently being experienced. Use it wisely. Use this time wisely.

There is nothing we can tell you at this time that you do not already know with some fibre of your beings. And this is the key words – fibres of your beings. You have many fibres to your beings – in this reality and others. You are learning to use these and to integrate these. This is the lesson, this is the opportunity, this is the growth.

You are taking your places as part of the family of light and your bodies are adjusting to the new frequencies coming through. Knowledge of the tools that support this, knowledge of the practises that support this are becoming increasingly important. Integrating this – and practising these – on the day to day basis are your own responsibility. We can give you knowledge, we can give you information – but you are the ones experiencing this shift. Knowledge of this supports you in keeping yourselves together. We can only support and empower in this way. You are the ones who do this work. Take responsibility for this and step forward into the work. Take responsibility for this and step forward into what it is you are creating. A beautiful garden does not create itself alone. It takes loving care and loving hands – and participation from all the kingdoms. You have the potential to create these gardens around you now. But to do this, your hands will work with the soil, you will call soul into every action you take.

We see our using the word and analogy garden has confused you. In the wider sense you are responsible for creating paradise around you. Each and every one of you is involved in this work. This is where garden comes in, for you cannot complete this shift this time without engaging with the earth -and the very soil – under your feet. Take responsibility, begin co-creating your paradise with the very soil under your feet and the support of all the different kingdoms of light and consciousness who are waiting for you to call upon them. You are never alone in this work but are being divinely supported.

Blessings be.

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Blessings be dear one.

We wish to speak to you of your role on the planet at this time.

You are all playing a role in creating the family of light. You are all stepping forward into this within every aspect of your day to day “jobs” – and expanding this new culture. You are far more than what you have yet begun to realise – and your journey into consciousness and time-space continiums is being re-awakened consciously.

The shift you are experiencing is happening in every aspect of what you call “work”.  Indeed this must be the way of it.  If it happens in only one area and not another – where is the balance.  No, you are creating and co-creating new ways of being together, of taking actions – of being.  This is one of the first practical aspects of the shift that many will notice.  The new structures and methods of communication, action – and BEING that are being developed.

Blessings be

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You are surrounded by an abundance.

Turn to this and use it.

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2012-01-30 Journey


Blessings be dear one.

Trust yourself – you know the journey home. And it is something that calls you forward. It calls you forward into that sense of reconnection – that deep reconnection that calls to you to live from your heart, within your heart. It is a sadness within us and within yourselves that so many of you are unaware even of what this means. And yet, in each of you, there is that deep pull that calls you forward, calls you to live in deeper joy, from deeper joy. To give of yourself and from yourself from this place within you that can only be best described within your everyday language as heart.

Indeed, the language you have to describe this is poor indeed. To simply say “heart” when there is the need to describe that place, that energy – that emotion that comes from this central aspect of your core is a small way of describing the absolute power of this energy indeed. For it is something that comes from within you – Yet paradoxically, it is an energy that connects you with the great power of the universe around you.

This creative, ever-expanding energy that you describe within your language as “love” which has the power to connect you with so much more beyond yourself. The power of this – which comes from living within this connection, giving from this connection – and yes, even receiving from within this connection is something which is now only just beginning to be understood by some of you. And yet, the smallest child amongst you could teach you more of this… If you could only listen and see the wisdom and strength in these beings.

That part of you that calls you forward, that part of you that calls you into deeper connection, that part of you that calls you home – we shall, for the moment then, call this love, and the energy of love. It is the deep joy that comes from right action. It is the excitement that comes from following a heart-felt truth. It is a passion and a shout from the soul towards right livelihood. That livelihood that comes from working within a deep connection to the universe and all that is around you. It is a deep give-back into the cosmos of the joy and bliss you feel within your own self. And by the giving of this – you are renewed, filled up, and empowered to give back again. It, so often, does not fit within your 9-5 jobs and roles – and yet it calls you to live both within these roles – and beyond them. To take what is the “mundane” and transmute this, giving back from this sense of connection within and beyond yourself, into something or someone more. It is the journey home that lies beyond your everyday reality. The journey into a sense of yourself as more than simply this body, this being, but rather into a sense of yourself as this body, this being – deeply connected with the world, the universe – and so much more around you. You cannot see the immensity of the sky whilst you are looking at the ground. Take your eyes off then, what is immediately before you, take them into your heart – and ask within yourself if you are living within and from this space.

Yes, this journey is challenging. Yes this can be hard. We recognise that it does not fit within the paradigm and everyday lives in which so many of you are living. Yet, why else are you here if it is not to live from this deeper sense of connection and re-connection? Ask yourself, if you were living from this creative heart sense and space – what is it that you would do? What action is it that you would take – that is a giveback within this everyday mundane world you live within. It is the small actions that count. The small actions that step forwards and build the trust, day-by-day, moment-by-moment in living from this heart centre. That support you in being all that you can be.

And so many of you are struggling with this at the moment, feeling that you are not enough, that the actions you take are not enough. We would say to you, enough. Stop. Center yourself within this heart space, and take only one action today that comes from this space. That one action is enough to send ripples out through the universe and world around you. Ripples that come back to you that begin to fill you with this energy of love and re-connection. And as you do this one small action, this begins to build the energy within you to step forward, to do more, to give more – to share more of yourself from your heart, with others.

Together, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

We say that to you again.

Together, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

But we clarify this to say – come from the energy of the heart. Come from the space of the heart. It is this space – this energy – that supports each one of you. And supports you, by empowering your passions, to move beyond your own limits.

We greet you, and we would bring such joy and blessings to you.

We are, as always, Council of Nine. And yet, names are not important amongst us. They are simply a useful handle to let you know from where this energy comes. There is far more – knowledge and wisdom that comes from beyond ourselves, that we simply allow to flow through us. There is such attachment within you to names and addresses! We would encourage you instead, to feel for yourself, within yourself for the sense of truth and joy when this is spoken. For the vibration of energy this creates within your own body.

For knowing and recognising the different vibrations of energy as they pass through you is part of your journey home.

And in doing this, part of the journey is transmuting the old, the fear, the ego-self that keeps you within your old vibrations. Make no mistake, there is part of your ego-self that supports the journey – and part of your ego-self that wants to stay the same. This journey of transmuting the fear, of moving beyond your own self into connection with more – and living from your own heart centre, within connection to the waves of energy that surround you can be challenging. There are skills to develop, there are tools to become aware of – and there are challenges to face. Yet, would the journey be worthwhile without these challenges? We ask you this, but it is for you to answer.

This is yours to ask yourself as you step forward, living beyond your own limits, moving into deeper connection, living from your heart. And what will you achieve on your way there? Only you can choose that, only you can decide. All that we can do from beyond the stars is to support your journey.

And this, we do willingly. Step forward then warriors, step forward then goddess energy carriers, step forward then dancers. For it is your own truth that you are stepping forward and into. The world you are creating awaits you, your energy – and the heart you are carrying within you. What will you create from this space?

We wait, with anticipation to see the beauty you unfolding from within yourselves.

Blessings be.

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2012-01-27 Turning corners..


Blessings be dear ones

We greet you this day with such joy – and such light. Once again.

We would say to you that once again, humanity has turned a corner. Once again, you have stretched beyond your own limitations into an accreditation – and an accumulation of light previously unknown on this planet. A corner has been passed, a higher percentage of light is once again accumulated on the planet. You move beyond your own limits into a deeper and higher perception and standing of light than expected – or achieved.

What this means, is that once again your evolutionary process speeds up. Once again, there is more light available for your growth and your forward movement. And once again, there is more light available to support you in your journey forwards. Even as we share this, we feel the channel cringe – “oh no, more processing” – yes, dear ones, for many of you more processing – and just think – for you are the lucky ones who realise and are aware – consciously – of the choices taking place. Take a moment to be aware for all those who feel the effects of the energy – and they are many – without understanding consciously what it is they are experiencing. How much more challenging for them these shifts and periods of processing! Truly, you are the lucky ones – the braves ones – who do this work consciously – and willingly.

So well is this work being done in fact, in many cases, that it is subtle. There are subtle changes being felt and experienced this week all around the planet. Together, these add up to massive change – and this massive change is becoming more and more noticeable. Well done – for it is in the subtlety that so much of the power is truly being held now. If too many could see the massive change that is approaching – there would be a great deal more fear – and in the words you may find easier to laugh about – unsupported processing. For those of you who are the light-workers at this time – we have this to say to you. “Well done. You have done, and are doing your job well. You are grounding into the very core of the earth beneath you a new fabric of energy, lifestyle practises and awareness. You are doing this in such a way that supports the joy, that embraces the power of the subtle – and creates potential and possible beyond what is being envisioned by the many who are not yet “awake”. Keep going. Your job is not yet done. You are changing the language around you. You are changing the perception – and the perceptional realities – around you. And you are ensuring that the possible is becoming more probable. You are manifesting the energy and the form of the new reality around you – day by day, step-by-step. Keep going. Make sure you get enough rest. Be sure you yourselves are being nurtured and nourished. Embrace the beauty all around you – but above all else, keep going. Your job is not yet done.”

Embrace the shifts. Embrace the potential. Embrace the energy that supports you all in moving beyond your old and your owned limitations. Welcome this energy – even though it can feel uncomfortable, unsettling and challenging, and leave you unsettled. Remember, it too has a purpose – and this purpose is to shake things up, to get things moving – to shake out the dark corners and bring so much more into the light. Your experience of this in the past – and your ability to recognise this and move beyond the dis-comfort is a tool. Use it. Use your perception – and be prepared to step into greater and greater roles – both of visibility, and support – and net-working.

We use this wording of “net-working” very purposefully for it amuses us that so many on your planet use it – and are perhaps unaware of the net of light they are creating with this. There are many different nets of light, many with differening intentions – yet all are moving towards a common goal – and beginning to actualise this. Your networks are beginning to flood with the same light, with the light of a common goal and of a common energy. This is, in part, related simply to being of the light…. You will understand this as the shifts continue and the energy grows.

For now, this is simply enough.


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Transtition and Flower Essences


Blessings be dear one.

And welcome -once more a new season is starting – and this season has the potential to be of such joy, not just to you but to others around you. You are indeed all in a period of change and of transition and it becomes more and more important to hold your focus to this and what it is you are choosing to create.

But you know this, we are telling you nothing new here.

What we would say to you is to make use of the energetic medicines that are available to you at this time. Particularly the flower essences. These are all around you – and freely available.

Each of the flowers coming through in its particular season links you more strongly with the energy of the transition that is happening around you. Not just to yourself – but on the planet. Everything you need is held in the energy fields around you. Your challenge is to link with these and to bring these into physical reality – or vibrations that you can use. If the flower essence that you are drawn to doesn’t exist on the shelves – make it. Connect with the flower in meditation. Find those who are making them and ask them to create this particular essence for you. Everything is right there, at your fingertips – reach out and connect with the energy of this beautiful planet on which you currently live. She is going through this transition and this change just as you are. Is it any surprise then that the energies you are in need of to make this transition smoothly, joyfully and easy would be held within the structures around you? All your needs are ALWAYS being constantly met – it is simply whether you can choose to move into a harmony with this and an allowing of those needs to be met. Whether you can align yourself with the energy of joy and bliss that is around you.

We wish you much joy, and love in the season that is coming in. Will you step up to receiving this in greater abundance, honouring who you truly are? Or will you turn away, engaging in the fear – in the drama of that fear? Can you allow yourselves the potential of fully embodying spirit and soul in the physical body – love, joy, abundance, bliss – whilst still recognising the fears – and walking through them? The flowers offer you tools to support this – all you need to do at this time is to reach out and connect with them…

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Joyfully birthing New Realities


Blessings be dear one.

We greet you in such joy, and with light and love.

This planet is indeed going through a process of transformation and change. This is intensely challenging for so many of you. And yet, from the perspective of spirit and soul there is such rejoicing. We stand in joy, we hold you in joy. You are stepping into a time and space where you begin to know yourselves as the spiritual beings you have always been – but simply forgotten. We understand – and accept – that this is hard for so many of you to understand or accept, especially as you go through the grieving processes as your old reality falls away.

And yet, still, we invite you step into this joy.

This recognition and acknowledgement of your place on the planet as you birth this very new reality.

You are the conscious co-creators within your planet. You are creating and birthing – with the very energy and physical structures of your planet – a very new reality.

What will you create with this time? What will you create with this energy?

There are so many tools available to you, so many “new” systems available to you. Both Earth-based one, and deeply spiritual transformation tools. You are creators of a new reality that has never been seen or even begun to be dreamed of to THIS level before.

For make no mistake, shifts have been experienced on your planet before – but not to the level at which you are currently creating these.

As a collective consciousness, stepping forward into mastery of the physical and energetic spaces around you.

We hold you in such hope as you do this, and such joy…

For it is with these emotions that your souls are truly stepping forward into the work they are here to do.

We come back to the question – What will you do with this time, what will you create with this energy – for the choice is truly yours.

We cannot tell you how important this simple choice is as it aligns you with the reality you are choosing to be part of creating.

Blessings be dear ones. We greet you with such love, and such light.

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Staying Grounded

Blessings be dear one / ones

We greet you with such joy – and such light – in these times.

Many of you will be feeling the surges of energy which are currently engulfing the planet. Use these where you can. Notice where it is in your physical body you are feeling these. There will be intense periods inbetween these as an opportunity to rest. But be aware of these incoming energies – and use them as a source of creative and energetic flow.

Of course, in the gap between these incoming energies there will be the slump – and the low – and that fantastic opportunity to clear from your body all the lower, denser darker energies that weigh you down as you seek to ride the new ones coming in.

Simply being aware of this will help- and the changes in diet, energy levels, or time needed to be outside in riding these waves of energy. These things – or rather these practises will help to keep you balanced and grounded.

But we are not telling you anything new here, this is simply an aside as we move onto to a focus.

It is more important to stay balanced during these times than it is to stay grounded. For we would say to you – to what are you grounding? When everything around you is in a state of change – a state of flux… When the planet herself is moving under your feet – to what are you staying grounded?

We will tell you. You are grounding to a core, an idea, a principle. Look to what it is you are seeking to create, know that you are creating it consciously – and ground to this. Not to the physical planet under your feet. This is changing, even as you are changing. And as you go through this change, it is your own inner core, belief, ideas and principles that hold you together – and inspire you forwards. So, what are you creating? What are you “visioning” in the life that lies ahead of you? Is it greater fear, bills, debt, anxiety and stress? Or are you able to move beyond these things, to see the joy, the hope and the beauty that is still present – and indeed is being increased as more and more move into a deeper sense of community, a deeper sense of joy?

Slow down. Look at your self, look at your life. Ask within yourself – what is the joy? Am I creating towards this?

If you are not, why not?

Blessings be dear ones, we greet you this day with such love, such light, and such joy.

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Are you standing in Truth?

Blessings be dear one

Are you standing in Truth? You are the only one who can answer this.

With so much change going on around you it is so easy to get caught up in the “need to do” – but the question remains – are you standing in Truth? Your own and no one elses.

A question to ask yourself within this – does the work you do bring you great joy? If it doesn’t, why are you doing it? Is it enough, simply to do this work to pay the bills? What would happen if those bills were to fall away? Who would you be then?

Always remember that the work you do works towards the future visions and manifestations you are creating. The energy with which you do this, supports what you are bringing through.
Yes, some things need to be done. Like breathing.
But, if you were to stand back at the end of the day – at the end of your life – would you be able to look back at what you have accomplished or lived with your life – and be able to answer “this is what I came here to do.”

Your soul, your deep inner call will only be answered by you standing in your truth.

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Work is love made visible


Blessings be dear one.
We greet you this day, once more with such love, and such light.

Work is love made visible.
We have said this to you before – on more than one occasion. And yet again, we bring this to you, for you to be aware of -and for you to talk to others of.

When you work with love, you bring a passion and a vitality – and a light – to your work. Your work literally, shines in the darkness. Not just you, but any who work with love and with light. It can be challenging to bring this same love to work that is just a job – and yet, for some, it is also possible. To bring small moments of love and gratitude to the work that they do. These then ripple and spread outwards.
It is not yet possible for many to work fully with what they love – and yet, more and more, people are beginning the shift to do more of this themselves. What a world that would be – each individual working with love, and loving the work they do…
Of course, there are always challenges -and some of these can be that your love affair with work changes shape and focus as you grow. But then, what a gift this too would be – to recognise this and to change your work accordingly…
To move into a practise of deepening your sense of connection – both to the work that you do – and the sense of what is both being given and recieved. This then, of course, would deepen the sense of love you feel for the work being done – and the growth of the work as it changes shape and focus – allowing it – and yourself – to continue deepening into the connection you feel with the work you love.
Can you imagine what the potential is for this work? For the pools of light of work undertaken in this way as individuals come together, each deepening their connection to work being done with love? With love made visible…

Blessings be dear one. This is enough for this day – and once more we greet you with love and with light as you return to your work.
Love being made visible.

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Bliss, co-creation & focussed energy – From the Dudes


Blessings be dear one.

We wish to speak to you this day of bliss.  And the joy of co-creation and focussed energy.

For when you stand in this position of focus, aligning yourself with the soul, and with the awareness of energy, with the passion of who you are and what you are choosing to do, you begin to see the unlimited possibilities that surround you.

Your creativity “sparks” up, you see the potentials, and the links that can be created – and how to draw these together. And you begin to see more and more the potential of what is possible to create!

What joy! What bliss!

And how this energy runs through you….

To sit back and fight this energy, putting it off for another time – it is wise indeed to be able to know when to do this, and when to sit up, strike whilst the iron is hot – and engage in the creative life force that is flowing through you. Regardless of time of day, sleep patterns – or not. Make use of this energy whilst you can – for it is a gift that is being given to you… You will also be given the energy to carry on the “day-to-day” – for with the one incoming energy, comes the other to support the process.

If you are here now, and you are reading this – well done!

For this creative urge is in everyone of you. And simply by giving it attention, you begin to attract more and more of this energy into your everyday.

What will you do with it?

Energy must flow, intention flows where energy goes, attention flows where intention – or energy – goes.

You could lie there, frustrated that you cannot sleep. Or you can use this energy to create… What will you do with it? What will you create with it? For, be sure, if you block its outlet in one form, you will it directed into another path. Be sure that the path you direct this energy into is one which you would choose – or you may find yourself manifesting unexpected pathways in your life… This is an aspect of co-creation. Recognising the energy flows that surround you, in which you are bathed – and making use of them within your creative processes. What it time after all? What else would you be doing with this cycle of time? Sleeping? Yet, can you not feel it – to engage in this “wilde time” – to be awake, to be aware, to consciously work with this energy flowing through you. Is this not a state of bliss to be in this heightened space of awareness? How much more do you accomplish whilst this energy flows?

Make sure you get enough rest, enough down time to support these energy flows. Be aware of the sugars and substances in your diet which carry you forward, either within the energy flow – or into a false energy beyond this. Tap into the energy of the flow itself, not the substitutes. Know the difference. They are a natural part of the energy flows which surround you and of which you are part. Well done! You are tapping into these! Be sure you are using them effectively! The more you do so, the more you will tap into this creative flow. Waves of energy, surging through you – surf them, or watch them flow through, past and under you… Float with them, flow with them, ride them… They are yours for the noticing and for the journey.

Blessings be, this is enough for now. More will come later, as the energy flows. Be open and be aware of this… In love, light and joyous harmony. With laughter.

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